23 is a prime number…

I learned 3 things yesterday:

1) how to celebrate your own birthday
2) how to spend money wisely
3) how it feels to spend so much money >:))

Kidding aside, I want to thank You for the year that has just passed. It was not really a good year but I learned a lot and eventually succeeded in the end. I know I have to learn a lot in life and I still need Your presence. May You guide me in my future decisions and bless me for the years to come. I also thank my parents for being supportive in what I do. They think that I’m lucky this year, but naaah, I’m just blessed, hehe. To all my friends who remembered and came to celebrate with me, thank you very much (hindi nasayang yung inipon ko, wahaha). I’m sure there will be another round for the others, haha.

I have many plans this year, and I’m hoping to fulfill most of them, depende sa budget, wahaha.

A better me, I think, is a wonderful birthday gift. Thank You.


PS: This is my first post for 2012. I’m just busy, wahaha…

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