Let’s talk about death. I know it’s a sensitive topic but let’s face it: we’re all going to die. Also, in relation to the May 21, 2011 doomsday, I would like to share some of my thoughts about questions regarding death. I found the questions below online and I hope you have the courage to answer these questions too. The questions are hard, well from a young generations’ perspective. SO why not give it a try?😀

  • What causes death? diseases, accidents…
  • Are there special rites or ceremonies performed when a person dies? yes
  • Are you afraid of death? no
  • Do you believe in life after death? yes
  • Do you often think of death? yes
  • Do you think that there is anything worth dying for? yes
  • Do you want to know the date of your death? why not, lol
  • Is organ donation or transplants acceptable for you? yes
  • Is physician assisted suicide acceptable for you? I guess it’s OK
  • Would you consider physician assisted suicide if you were suffering a painful dying experience? Perhaps yes
  • Is the death of a loved one considered a joyful or a sorrowful occasion? Sorrowful, duh
  • Is there any person you would die for in order to save?  If she’s in danger, yes
  • What should you say to someone who has lost a loved one? Everything will be alright
  • What are your beliefs pertaining to a person’s soul once they have died? Either you go up there or you go down there
  • What do you think of suicide? pass
  • What do you think would happen if there were no death for human beings? Our planet will be overpopulated
  • Where do we go when we die? To a place we deserve?
  • Would you want your cremated remains to be part of a fireworks show? Great idea, lol
  • Who do you think would mourn for you after your death? Family, friends… err…
  • If you were on death row, what would you request for your last meal? Pizza
  • Who would you want to watch you be executed? Random people whom will I choose
  • If you could choose how you were going to die, what would you choose your death to be? An assassination…
  • Would you like to have your body frozen, so that you could be thawed out and brought back to life sometime in the future? Let’s try that, lol
  • If you had the option of freezing your body in hopes that science would some day be able to bring you back to life, would you do it? Yes, if it’s for free, lol
  • Why are so many people afraid of death, when it is unavoidable? They still want to do something
  • What would happen if you died? Well, a loss is a loss but they must move on
  • On account of your beliefs or some other reason, do you look forward to dying? It’s inevitable
  • Have you ever had to put a pet to sleep? No, haven’t tried
  • Do you believe that you will be born again? Hmm, no?
  • Why is facing death a difficult experience? It’s because of the “role” they are going to leave
  • What are some reactions to death of a friend? They cry…
  • What should you say or not say to a friend who is facing death? I’ll say I’ll stay until his/her last breath
  • What should you say or not say to a friend who has lost a friend? I’ll just hug him/her
  • Is there a suicide hotline in the area where you live? I haven’t heard one
  • Do you know someone who has died from a traffic accident? No
  • Do you know someone who has died from a disease? No, I think
  • When have you visited a hospital? I haven’t visited someone in a hospital, shocks
  • What sights, smells, sounds did you notice when you visited the hospital? Normal noise, people chatting, white walls, some dark corners…
  • How can you help someone who is dying? I’ll try fulfilling some of his/her wishes
  • How do you tell someone that someone they know has died? It’s really hard to do… ugh…
  • Do you believe in God? Yes
  • Do you think people should be cremated or buried? It’s their option
  • Has anyone close to you ever passed away? My grandfather
  • Do you think the grieving process is different for different ages? Yes
  • Have you known someone who had an extended sickness before death? Nope
  • Have you ever lost someone close to you? Yes
  • Have known anyone who has committed suicide? None
  • Is it appropriate for funeral directors to advertise their services? I think so but I think they shouldn’t try to have a TV ad
  • If you were given the chance to have someone die with you, who would that person be? I’ll choose no one
  • Have you ever thought you’d like to die? Yes
  • How does it feel when your loved one dies and you were unable to see them for the last time? Really bad…
  • Have you ever been to a funeral where a family member of the deceased sung a song, read a letter or read a poem? Yes? I can’t remember
  • Would you want to know if you were dying and if so, would you want to know how long you had to live? I want to know if I am going to die soon but I would rather not know if how long will I still live
  • If there were five of your friends drowning, which one would you save first? The one who cannot swim; if all them cannot swim, I’ll the choose the shortest one
  • If you are married or have a life partner would you expect them to move on after you die? Yes. definitely
  • Do you know anyone who died for a few seconds or minutes but came to life again? None
  • Who has died that you know? My grandfather, my father’s cousin’s husband
  • Have you had a pet die? Yes
  • What is the worst way of dying? Hmm, dying in pain?
  • What is the ideal way to die? Dying without feeling any pain
  • Do you believe in out-of-body experiences? No?
  • Are you afraid of losing one of your relatives all of a sudden? Yes
  • Would you like it if someone sung you a song or read a poem about you, or a letter to you, at your funeral? That would be sweet
  • What kind of funeral arrangements would you make for yourself if you knew you were dying? I’ll choose a color for my coffin, lol
  • How long do you expect you spouse or life partner to wait before they move on after your death? She can take her time as long as she can still take care of our family
  • Do you have a bucket list? I haven’t done one yet
  • Would you like to die? We’re all gonna die (even if there’s nothing fluffy), it’s a matter of when

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