Sack’s Sentence Completion Test

I took this test more than a year ago for the requirement of my professor in Psychology for her dissertation. I am not quite sure if the answers below are the ones I answered the first time I took it but let’s give it a try. I don’t know how to interpret this, but I hope you’ll try it too.😀

(The phrases in red are are my answers.)

1. I feel that my father seldom… understands us.

2. When the odds are against me… I try to think of other solutions.

3. I always wanted to… be happy and do whatever I want.

4. If I am in charge… I would make her the happiest girl in the world.

5. To me the future looks… challenging.

6. The men over me… are my superiors.

7. I knew it is silly… but I still love her.

8. I feel that a real friend… is always there for you.

9. When I was a child… I was hyper.

10. My idea of a perfect woman… is someone who can understand.

11. When I see a man and a woman together… I feel envious.

12. At work I get along best with… the people who I encounter more often.

13. My mother is… strict.

14. I would do anything to forget the time… I failed.

15. If my father would only… allow me to drive our car.

16. I believe that I have the ability… change myself.

17. I would be perfectly happy if… she is also happy.

18. If people work for me… I’ll give them a fair salary.

19. I look forward to… getting a job.

20. In school, my teacher… always says I’m talkative.

21. Most of my friends don’t know I’m afraid of… rejection.

22. I don’t like people who… are insensitive.

23. Before the war… I plan for my offensive strategies.

24. I think most girls… have complicated thoughts.

25. My feeling about married life is… that it is exciting.

26. My family treats me… like I cannot do anything.

27. Those I work with are… kind to me.

28. Mother and I… are not that close.

29. My greatest mistake was… I never tried at all.

30. I wish that my father… will change his attitude towards us.

31. My greatest weakness… is being emotional.

32. My secret ambition in life… is to become a soldier.

33. The people who work for me… deserve a fair salary.

34. Someday… I’ll become someone who is always there for her.

35. When I see the boss coming… I behave.

36. I wish I could lose the fear of… rejection.

37. The people I like best… are the people close to me.

38. If I am young again… I will do things I never did when I was young.

39. I believe most women… don’t really talk too much.

40. If I had sexual relation… then that would be fine.

41. Most families I know… are happy and stable.

42. I like working with… people who are open-minded.

43. I think that most mothers… really know best.

44. When I was young, I felt guilty about… doing a mistake.

45. I feel that my father is… close-minded.

46. When luck turns against me… I just let it go.

47. In giving orders to others… I say please and also thank them.

48. What I want most out of life… is peace of mind.

49. When I’m older… I hope that I can still remember.

50. People whom I consider my superior… should be respected.

51. My fear sometimes forces me to… to stop trying.

52. When I’m not around my friends… I just sleep or sit alone in an open space.

53. My most vivid childhood memory… is that I was crying when my mom left me in our house.

54. My sex life… is not active.

55. What I like least about women… is that they’re too demanding.

56. When I was a child, my family… takes care of me.

57. I like my mother but she… is really strict.

58. The worst thing I ever did… is that I haven’t tried at all.

8 Responses

  1. hey this isn’t the comprehensive questionnaire of sacks :p

    anyways.. u are greatly disturbed by the guilt feelings been wallowing on for some time now and your family affects you and is mildly disturbed by your parents but more about your father. your goal in life is vague maybe because it isnt your priority for now and you can’t stop your greatest fear.. you are affected by the opposite sex. at tama ka dude.. “emo” ka .. <3<3 hehe :p

    • hello miss eejhee… hehe… i apologize kung misleading ang post ko about the sack’s sentence completion test… hehe… I took that test more than a year na rin pero some questions are similar dun sa pinasagutan sakin, hehe… again sorry about that…

      tungkol naman sa follow-up comment mo, mukhang binabasa mo talaga ang blog ko, hehe… salamat na rin at binabasa mo ang mga saloobin ko dito… salamat na rin sa payo mo… hehe… sana makilala kita…😀

  2. Interpretation for SSCT

    I. Atiitude towards Mother—(2)-completely rejects and depreciates mother whom he/she considers over demanding.

    II. Attitude towards father- (1)-admires father but wishes that their relationship were closer..

    III.Attitudes towards family unit–(2)-feels rejected by family which lacks solidarity and which has constantly contended with difficulties, (0)-instability of family domicile has had little effect on his favorable feeling toward them.

    *yan lang muna i-interpret ko, ang haba pa kasi…God bless, sana matulungan ka ng interpretation ko the way here’s a description of the Sack’s Sentence Completion Scale..

    Dr. Joseph N. Sack and other psychologists of New York Veterans Adminitrative Mental Hygiene Service developed a sentence completion test designed to obtain significant clinical material in four representative areas of adjustment, namely a) family, b) sex, c) interpersonal relationship, and self-concept.
    It was felt that items included in this presents sufficient opportunities for the subject to express his attitudes so that clinical psychologist may infer his dominant personality traits or trends. Such information is useful in screening patient for therapy, which gives clues to content and dynamics of patient’s attitudes and feelings.
    The family area includes 3 sets of attitudes: a) those towards mother, b) father, and family unit. It is hoped that even when the subject becomes evasive or cautious, at least one of the four items in each area will reveal significant response.

  3. Answered this SSCT as well. I read your answers and we have the same answers in some items.🙂

  4. wow hindi ko excpect na andito pala mga sagot sa exam ko hehe..

  5. perpect kaya ako?

  6. kakatuwa naman pare pareho sagot natin….

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