potential special page?

wala na naman akong magawa, so here I am again, haha. meron akong ginawa na pwedeng maging kapalit ng special page na una ko nang ginawa. it’s a bit tricky pero basahin niyo na rin, haha…

replaying in my mind, our moments together

praying that we’re really meant for each other

betraying our friendship was not my intention

my straying heart is just searching for a connection

staying as a friend is not my choice at all

I’m not playing games, I just don’t want to fall

I can’t think of ways of delaying the pain

‘coz I haven’t tried saying “I love you” under the rain

actually, here’s the trick:

1st: I selected 8 words that are double rhyme with each other. Double rhyme words are words that rhyme in two-syllables. Example: ended and blended; (“en” rhymes with “blen” and “ded” rhymes with itself)

2nd: I have to make a poem out of the 8 words.

3rd: Each line must also rhyme without using any of the 8 words. Rhyming for each line can be of any style.

nung una medyo madali kasi marami pa yung words, pero nung apat na lang sila, nahirapan na akong gumawa ng lines na magkokonek sa ba pang mga salita. so alam niyo na kung ano yung walong salitang yun? haha

subukan niyo rin. you have the freedom to choose the 8 words, or even more. it’s also a matter of adjustment with the words lalo na kung mahirap silang gawan ng connection, hehe.

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