dying for a second…

out of the room, waiting

just wanting to see her

before leaving alone

she went out

a guy also went out

he chased her

they talked

and suddenly

his arms are on her shoulders

i want to freak out

but i can’t

who am i

i guess it’s the start

of something that i should have done

i wish her to be happy

happier of not knowing my existence…

4 Responses

  1. KILALA KO CRUSH MO! Hahahaha

  2. kilala mo? sige nga sino, hahaha :p

  3. oohh…
    have she read this?
    does she even know about your feelings?
    i guess not..
    if she does..
    baka hindi ganito mga takbo ng poems mo..

  4. hindi pa
    o baka hindi na…

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