a movie-like encounter…

a normal friday, well not really normal

because i have to do “something” before attending my last class for that day

waiting for the so-called right time to enter our classroom

music playing in my ears

i saw my classmates enter through the door

it’s time to go

and before the moment i set my foot in our class room

accidentally i stopped

a beautiful girl suddenly appeared in front me as i was about to enter

just like in a romantic movie scene

our sights intersected

she quickly said “sorry”

i heard it even with earphones

i was frozen

she left in a breeze

i went to my chair


i know her

i don’t know about the converse

but we’re classmates

we’d talked once yet only in two lines

i guess that’s only the number of lines we have to say to each other

for the rest of…  maybe our lives

nice to meet her

yet nicer to be with her

her name is the only thing i know


4 Responses

  1. in fairness, this sounds like some lyrics in some song. haha! pwede na maging composer! :))

  2. waw
    nyc nmn
    pde pde! Ü

    parang pang literary yan uh

  3. may future ka na.

  4. mukhang naubusan na ako ng ipapangpuri sayo. GOO JOB! pero sana, nagsalita ka din tsonnng!

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