love continued…

“At last, I’m on the gym.” This was the first sentence that came out in Christian’s mouth in his first day being a first year in college. P.E. was his first subject on that day, badminton. He sat down on a bench, “Am I early?” He asked himself. He gazed around the gym. Around fifteen minutes later, “Ahm excuse me, is this badminton class scheduled from 9AM-10AM?” He heard a voice of a girl and looked on his right. He saw a girl wearing eyeglasses. He replied, “Ahm, yeah!” The girl answered, “OK, thanks.” Then the girl sat just beside him. “Are you a freshman? She asked. “Yes I am.” Then there was silence. Both of them looked at each other and said, “Ahm, may I…” “You go first” Christian said. “No, you go first.” The girl replied. “OK. Ahm, may I ask your name?” “I was going to ask the same question with you. OK. My name is Jane. I’m also a freshman. And you?” “I’m Christian. What’s your course?” “My course is kind of… Well anyway, my course is BA Political Science.” “Oh. That’s interesting. My course is Geodetic Engineering” “Nice! So your good in math?” “Not quite. So, you’re planning to be a lawyer?” “Yeah. But I like to shift to Philosophy because they have an advantage in going in to law schools.” “Hmm, I have also the same plan in my mind. I will also make a shift to BS Mathematics.” “You really love math?” “Yeah. It’s my first love” They both laughed. After a while, their badminton instructor arrived. After their class, Christian asked, “Ahm, may I know your schedule?” Jane answered, “My next class is 1PM later. Then I’ll be going home at around 2:30.” “Hmm, my next class is also 1PM. If you don’t mind, can we have lunch together?” “Sure! Why not! By the way, I am please to meet you.” “Me too”, then they shake hands.

From then, they were together even on the days that they do not have their badminton classes. They study together, that is to say that they have different courses. They also eat together, watch plays together in the theater hall, and sometimes go home together. Before the first semester ended, Christian told Jane, “You know Jane, I’ll really miss this.” “What are you talking about?” “Our bonding, our laughs, our happy moments; I’ll miss that.” “Yeah, me too.” “Can I ask you a favor?” “Yeah. What is it?” “Can we continue this in the next semester?” “Of course!” Jane said with a smile. The second semester started and they have managed to see each other with the fact that they do not have a class schedule in common. They usually meet on their break times. Just two weeks to go before Christmas, they exchanged gifts, as if they had known each other for so long. Then the New Year came and they had their first lunch together for that year. They are like best friends. In a very short span of time, they get along with each other. It was this time that their closeness will be tested.

One week before their final exams for the second semester, “Hey! You are supposed to be in your class.” Christian said while approaching Jane in a bench. “Our professor is absent that’s why I’m here,” replied Jane while smiling at him. “Jane…” “Yes? You look serious. What is it?” Silence surrounded them. “Jane, ahm…” “C’mon Christian! What are you going to say?” Jane said with curiosity. “Jane, you know…” “Know what? Go straight to the point dude!” “Jane, you know, I’ve missed you a lot.” “Huh? When did we last meet? Hmmm… Ah, yeah, three weeks ago. You look so dramatic huh. Well it’s natural for a person to miss his friend.” “Jane…” Jane looked at Christian, “Jane, you know, after our first semester, I can’t stop thinking of you. I thought I just miss you as a friend but as time passes by, I cannot explain why I miss you so much. Then, I also feel that I want to see you everyday, every hour, every minute, every second. I can’t explain this feeling why I wanted to see even just a glimpse you. I just can’t explain what I really feel for you at this time. And I think…” Christian stopped. He held Jane’s hands and continued, “… I think I love you.” Again, silence prevailed. After a while, Jane pulled her hands off and looked on the other direction. Christian quickly broke the silence, “Jane, are you angry?” Jane replied nothing. “Jane, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to arrive at this situation. I really did not know if I am going to say this to you or just let it inside my heart. If you’re angry, OK. I’ll accept whatever decision you will make.” Jane said nothing, but tears flowed down her cheeks; which was unnoticed by Christian. “Jane, please look at me if you’re not angry. Jane, please…” Christian did not know what to do. “Jane, please… don’t be angry with me. I just cannot stop this feeling for you. I’m sorry Jane.” Christian left after saying those words. Jane bowed her head after he left. She took off her eyeglasses and wept her tears away. A day after that, they didn’t see each other.

Christian finds himself a loner in their university. Jane on the other hand, found other friends yet, she misses Christian, very much. After their finals in the second semester, Jane managed to be a Philosophy major. Unluckily for Christian, he cannot shift to other courses because of lack of requirements. Although he managed to complete his requirements, he didn’t catch up in the deadline for application for shifters. But, it’s still good news for him because he can still shift for the next year. Before the finals for their second semester, with Jane as a first year Philosophy major and Christian as a second year engineering student, an unexpected event happened. “Christian?” she asked. He was sitting on the same bench that he told Jane how he loves her. Christian looked at her. “How are you?” Jane said in a soft voice while sitting beside him. “I’m OK,” Christian replied while he bowed his head. “And still loves you,” he quickly added. Jane also bowed her head and said, “I’m sorry.” Christian asked her, “Are you a Philosophy major now?” Jane answered, “Yes I am.” “Nice. I’m happy for you.” “How about you?” “Well, luck is not in favor with me last year. I wasn’t able to transfer to another college because of incomplete requirements.” “Hmm. I see.” “Jane…” Christian held Jane’s hands, “… if we will see each other again, I want to see you in your toga. I want to witness your graduation. OK? I’ll be there. And one more thing; Jane, take good care of yourself.” Then Christian left while wiping his eyes.

Three years after, Christian is now a Math major with a junior standing. He is at the university auditorium to see Jane’s graduation. Upon receiving her diploma, she noticed Christian walked out from the auditorium. A few meters from the auditorium’s exit, “Christian!” he heard a voice. He looked at his back and he saw Jane. Christian approached her and said, “Congratulations.” Jane replied, “Thank you.” Christian turned his back and walked away from Jane. He attempted to leave Jane but she called Christian again. He stopped walking. Jane ran toward him. Christian turned his back again. Long silence; they’re just looking at each other. And suddenly, “Jane, I love you.” He left Jane while her tears are flowing down to her cheeks.

Jane was able to go in a law school. She also passed the bar exam making her self as the fifteenth highest placer in the exam. Christian graduated as a cum laude a year after Jane’s graduation. He took up an exam on actuarial science in Canada eight months after and managed to pass it. He is now a business manager in a car company. “Sir, have you received the memo about the lawyer that you are going to meet?” his colleague asked him. “Is it today? OK. Let me finish this for a while.” In Christian’s car, “Sir, did you know that the lawyer that we are going to meet was the top fifteen in the bar exams two years ago?” “Really huh?” Christian replied and seemed that he is not impressed. “Is she a girl?” Christian asked. “I don’t know sir. I have no idea.” Arriving at a coffee shop, a familiar face greeted him “Good morning Mr. Pascual.” Christian’s surname is Pascual. “Richard! It’s nice to see you,” Christian said. Richard was also one of his colleagues. “Have a seat.” “Thank you. Ahm, may I ask where attorney is?” “She said that she will be a little late. Oh, there she is. I would like you to meet Atty. Jane Marie Campos.” Christian stood up from his chair, slowly looked at his back, and stared the girl in navy blue approaching their table. He was gazed. The girl also looked surprised. After seven years, they saw each other again.

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  1. may title na siya!!!
    sa mga nagre-request ng sequel (mga dalawa sila, hehehe)
    i’m planning for it🙂

  2. sabi ko sayo gumamit ka ng space. hehe!

  3. i mean, “enter” pala.😀

  4. request granted!
    sorry naman, copy-paste lang yan mula sa luma kong blog

  5. kuya jumel. prang nakakabitin. hehe.😀

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