Kayo nga maglagay ng title nito!!!

ito yung isa sa mga ginawa kong kwento. sorry kung medyo tuloy-tuloy, hehehe.🙂

It’s almost nine o’clock in the evening and the graduation ball is going to start any moment soon.  Chealsey Mae Ocampo, the salutatorian of the class, is getting nervous while waiting for her best friend, Charles Daniel Lopez.  “You seem so worried.  Any problem?” said Pauleen, one of her friends.  “Oh, it’s nothing.  I’m just kind of… you know! Excited!” she replied while glimpsing at the crowd.

            Coming from different schools in their elementary years, Charles and Chealsey became very close in a short span of time.  Charles is an outspoken – type of person and likes the subjects Math & Science.  On the other hand, Chealsey is a quiet – type of person and loves English very much.  Despite of being different, they managed to be as close as they are now.  But of course, in any kind of relationship, there are always misunderstandings.  There are countless of conflicts that the two of them had undergone but still, their friendship remained intact.  Two years ago, Charles didn’t attend Chealsey’s birthday party because he was on a Math contest at that time.  “I tried to come but the traveling time was so long that it took me two hours just to be in your party.  I’m sorry Chealsey.  I hope you understand.”  “But you promised me that you will be there!” she said.  “I’m your best friend! You are supposed to be there but, where are you at that time?” she exclaimed while tears are slowly flowing from her eyes.  “Chealsey, I’m sorry.”  Charles uttered.  Chealsey stared at his eyes and suddenly, turned her back and left away.  It took them almost seven weeks before they conciliate.  That was their longest conflict for the record.

            But the greatest dissention that will challenge their friendship has yet to come.  Obviously, it is unusual for a boy and a girl to be as close as best friends.  Even the people around them thought that their relationship is not just as best friends but a much deeper one.  “Are you uncomfortable?” Charles asked.  “On what?” Chealsey replied.  “You know, about the rumors about us.” he exclaimed.  “Just don’t mind them!  They just don’t know what to do in their lives.”  She told him with a sour-looking face.

            Yet, the rumors are still trying to destroy their friendship.  As the bad news keep on spreading, Charles’ relationship with Chealsey slowly grows more profound.  His feelings for Chealsey are starting to grow until they became juniors.  Charles has fallen in love with Chealsey.  He tries to deny it though because Chealsey is his best friend.  His major secret at that time is kept on bothering him.  He doesn’t know whether he will tell it to Chealsey or not.  Charles is also afraid of losing Chealsey as his best friend.  He can’t decide on what to do but three months after, he finally broke his silence.  “It’s been a long time since I have gone in this place.  What are we doing here?”  Chealsey asked.  “And it’s also been a long time since we had a walk together.”  Charles answered.  “Oh yeah!  It’s because we are academically busy in the past weeks.  It’s time to relax!” she said.  Charles just gave her a smile while walking on the park.  He saw a large tree and invited Chealsey to sit under it.  They laughed and giggled as they talked about their last week’s school works.  After their laughing session, there’s almost a hundred – second silence.  Then Charles suddenly said, “Chealsey, ahm, I have to tell you something.”  Chealsey looked seriously to him and said, “What is it?”  Charles took a deep breath and answered, “For more than two years, we became friends.  We shared a lot to each other, our hardships and triumphs, we knew all of that!  While our friendship deepens, I’m slowly having special feelings for you.  And I think … I had fallen in love with you.”  The next day, both of them ignored each other whenever their sights encounter; they’re not in speaking terms. Even at the time that they became seniors, they haven’t spoken any single word to each other.

            A week before their graduation, Charles received a letter; it was from Chealsey.  In the letter, she wants him to be in the graduation ball and try to settle the things and issues about them before bidding a goodbye.  Charles has really no intention on attending the ball.  But his decision was overruled after reading Chealsey’s letter.  On a hurry, he managed to dress up as quickly as possible.  It’s three minutes before nine o’clock in the evening; Chealsey is still waiting for Charles to arrive.  Then suddenly, two policemen came into the venue.  “Are you Miss Chealsey?” one of them asked.  “Yes I am.  Why?”  Chealsey answered.  Another police uttered, “We found this letter on your friend’s pocket.”  Chealsey looked at it and said, “It’s the letter that I have given Charles!  Where is he?”  The policeman explained, “Ma’am, we found your friend dead a few meters from here.  Some witnesses told us that he was just trying to cross the street and there’s something that he tried to pick up at the middle of the road.  That’s why he got hit by a truck.  We found the invitation that’s why we got here.  I’m sorry ma’am.”  The other policeman hurriedly said, “By the way, we found this necklace.  Maybe, it was the thing that he tried to pick up that caused the accident.”  She looked at the necklace and suddenly, cried continuously.  And in her mind, she said, “I had lost my best friend because of love and now, I had lost him forever.  I thank You Lord for giving such a person like him.  How I wish I have returned his love for me.”

3 Responses

  1. naman!!!!naman!!!!!!
    husay talaga!!!!
    ganda ng story,kaiyak!!!!!!
    anu nga kaya,mangyari yun sayo…ganun din kaya magiging reaction nung girl
    by da way…two thumbs up po ako seo!!!congratz..daddy

  2. haaayyyyyyaaaaayyyyyaaaaayyyyy……

    marufetttt tlag ang pag-ibig noh???

    pcnxa…neun q lng napncin mga buletins moh… ndi q kc pinapncn yan ehh…

    kay, ghanda ng story!!!

  3. ang ganda..
    nice one!

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